Intuitive Search Marketing is search engine marketing for the rest of us. It’s about reducing the anxiety produced by technology and seeing through the data points to the customer on the other side of the screen. Empathy, intuition, and creativity are still a marketers best assets. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless data points and shiny new apps, but we also need to continue to leverage the classic tools of marketing that savvy business owners are have always utilized for eons. If you have the money to hire an inbound marketing company to dial your search marketing efforts, this blog probably isn’t for you. This is Do-It-Yourself SEO. If you have a great business that fills a need, getting more traffic to your site should be easy. You just need to know the basics. You need to understand what the search engines value and how to present your content so that search engines give you back the maximum benefit  Don’t worry about rankings or traffic, because it means nothing. Real customers that love your business are the most important allies you have. Your potential customers are looking for you right now. They are typing search queries into Google, and Bing, and Yahoo. They are looking for exactly what you offer. All you have to do is answer their questions and be respectful of their gratitude. This is intuitive marketing.

About Me

SEO Genious

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I’ve worked in-house and agency side doing search marketing (SEO & PPC) for the past 8 years. I co-founded and produced the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast (2009-2014). I am current the digital strategy manager at Murmur Creative. I write for a number of blogs including: The DIY Musician Blog, The HostBaby Blog, and The Nifty Social Media Blog. I’m a lifelong technology enthusiast and all around geeky person. I play music with my brother in a band called Nervous and the kid.

You can follow me on Twitter (@searchpdx) and I promise I’ll share some interesting stuff with you.

Chris Bolton

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