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Content is Not King. Gratitude is King.

If you’ve read anything in the last ten years about online marketing you’ve probably heard the term “content is king.” If you’re like me, and you follow marketing blogs and read digital marketing books you probably throw-up in your mouth

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How to Use Google’s Keyword Planner for SEO

Google’s Keyword Planner is probably the most important keyword research tool there is. Why? Because it comes directly from the source. With 70% of the search market, Google’s search data is invaluable. Unfortunately, Google wants us to use this data

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Intuitive keyword research for small business

Intuitive keyword research is about using your own knowledge about your business to choose keywords phrases that make sense. There are some great tools out there for discovering keywords, and I’ll recommend a few of my favorites, but keyword tools

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Free Intuitive Keyword Research Worksheet

The most powerful Keyword tool in the universe The most powerful keyword research tool that exists . . . is the human brain. All-to-often we begin our keyword research with fancy keyword tools that spit out hundreds or thousands of

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Zen and the Art of SEO

SEO is a practice Search engine optimization is a practice. It’s not a service, an audit, a product, a series of tweaks, or a special kind of programming–but it often gets portrayed as such because it’s easier to sell that

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Intro to Link Building for Small Businesses

Links power the internet. They are at the foundation of how websites and web pages work. They also play a large part in how websites are ranked in search engines. Therefore, building links for your small business website should always

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6 Link Building Strategies for 2014

It’s 2014 and there have been a ton of changes in the search marketing world. But one key SEO ingredient has not changed: links. Links are still super important. Creating a realistic link building strategy that works–can greatly improve your

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How to Optimize Your Images For Search Engines

Search engines are sometimes described as ‘blind five year olds.” The reason for this is because Google (and other search engines) can’t ‘see’ images in the same way a human would. A search engine may be able to tell if

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Writing a Meta Description – Meta Description Examples

Every web page on the internet should have a descriptive and helpful meta description that aids searchers understand a search listing before they click. Of course this is not the case with every website, some Web Masters use the same

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Writing SEO Title Tags – Best Practices with Examples

The title tag is the most important area for keyword placement on your website. So it makes sense as a writer or webmaster that you spend a bit of time writing search engine optimized title tags will make a difference in

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