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keyword research worksheetThe most powerful Keyword tool in the universe

The most powerful keyword research tool that exists . . . is the human brain. All-to-often we begin our keyword research with fancy keyword tools that spit out hundreds or thousands of keywords, most of which have almost nothing to do with our business.

Not to say that keyword tools aren’t invaluable, they are. But it’s important to think deeply about what keyword research actually is. It’s about connecting with potential customers. As a business owner or marketer, this is something you should be an expert at. If you’ve taken the time to build a business and study your customers and everything else it takes to build a business, chances are you have a pretty good idea about what potential customers might be typing into search engines in order to find services like yours. Often it just takes a little bit of brainstorming to come up with a list of keywords that could have real value.

So, before you get too far down the rabbit hole of spreadsheets and data analysis, use your noggin to come up with a list of keyword terms that matter to your business. No keyword tool will understand your business as well as you, your employees, and your customers do. These are some of the best keyword resources you have at your disposal. Survey your friends, employees, and customers. Build a keyword list using the raw power of . . .brains!

I created this worksheet to help myself and others conduct keyword brainstorming in an effective manner. The document includes research questions that should help you produce a large number of useful keywords and topics related to your business.

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